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Northwest Women’s Care is one of the specialty clinics of Northwest Specialty Hospital in North Idaho. As the only practice in North Idaho with fellowship-trained minimally invasive gynecology surgeons, the clinic offers a wide array of services directed expressly toward women’s health issues, including endometriosis surgery, colpopexy, and tubal ligation reversal.


The Women’s Care Approach

While both men and women contract or experience many of the same health conditions, women and men also face a host of unique health concerns based on their sex, including any conditions related to pregnancy, fertility, and menopause.

In addition, even if there are certain diseases that both men and women experience, it is often the case that one sex or the other is at a higher risk. For example, women are 100 times more likely to contract breast cancer than men. At the same time, overall, men are at higher risk of contracting any cancer and over ten times more likely to contract esophageal cancer. This disparity means that women may sometimes get overlooked when it comes to certain cancer screenings or tests. 

Consequently, Northwest Specialty Hospital believes it makes sense to operate a specific health clinic solely for women, where physicians and other healthcare providers can concentrate and specialize on the unique health challenges faced by women. In particular, several common health risks for women deserve increased attention.


Eight Common Health Risks For Women To Focus On

  • Heart Disease: One in every four deaths among women in the United States is attributed to heart disease. Despite affecting both genders nearly equally, only 54 percent of women recognize it as a top health threat.
  • Breast Cancer: The most aggressive cancer impacting women globally, breast cancer primarily originates in the milk ducts. Routine check-ups, breast exams, and periodic mammograms are crucial for early detection. There is a higher prevalence of breast cancer in developed nations.
  • Ovarian and Cervical Cancer: Cervical cancer originates in the lower uterus, while ovarian cancer starts in the fallopian tubes. Pap smears detect cervical but not ovarian cancer, making early detection challenging for the latter. This highlights the elevated need for women to get regular check-ups and to see a doctor if they notice any unusual health problems, especially as they age.
  • Gynecological Health: Menstrual cycle symptoms should be monitored for unusual signs indicating health issues. Vaginal issues may signal serious problems like STDs or reproductive tract cancer.
  • Pregnancy Issues: Pre-existing health conditions can be exacerbated by pregnancy, necessitating careful management for women who are pregnant or trying to get pregnant. The women’s care clinic can refer pregnant women to obstetricians. 
  • Autoimmune Diseases: Autoimmune diseases predominantly affect women by a factor of four: 80% of the people who suffer from autoimmune conditions are women. Autoimmune disorders arise when the immune system starts attacking healthy cells. For any of these conditions, early detection is crucial. Autoimmune conditions cannot be cured, so management is essential, and failure to address and treat some of these conditions can lead to debilities.
  • Osteoporosis: Weakening bones and making them prone to fractures, osteoporosis affects women more than men. After the age of 50, nearly four times more women than men develop osteoporosis as a result of decreases in estrogen levels following menopause.
  • Depression and Anxiety: Hormonal fluctuations can significantly affect mood, and hormonal imbalances lead to conditions like PMS, PMDD, postpartum depression, and perimenopausal depression.


These are just some of the issues that receive special attention at Northwest Women’s Care Clinic in Post Falls. We aim to address the unique challenges women face with a comprehensive and compassionate approach to healthcare. By offering specialized services and fostering lasting partnerships, our clinic is dedicated to the well-being of women in the region. For those seeking dedicated care and support for their gynecologic health, please contact Northwest Women’s Care to schedule an appointment.

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