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When it comes to receiving medical care, patients naturally focus on the doctors, nurses, and support staff who directly interact with them, rarely considering the ownership structure of the medical facilities they visit. However, ownership and management decisions can significantly impact every aspect of healthcare services delivered to patients. In the case of physician-owned and-operated healthcare facilities, such as Northwest Specialty Hospital in northern Idaho, the benefits are numerous and can significantly enhance the patient experience.

According to the American Hospital Association, there are only 240 physician-owned and operated hospitals out of the roughly 5,700 hospitals in the United States. That puts NWSH in a pretty exclusive category. But why should that make a difference? After all, healthcare is healthcare, right? 

At Northwest Specialty Hospital, our ownership structure provides distinct advantages in the level of care we can offer our patients. But you don’t have to take our word for it. In patient surveys, physician-owned hospitals consistently score higher in patient-satisfaction surveys. Northwest Specialty Hospital was rated a five-star hospital by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Service for patient satisfaction. 

Here are some reasons our ownership structure makes a positive difference in how we deliver care to our patients. 


Patient-Focused Policies

The crux of superior patient care is fostering trust and good communication in the doctor-patient relationship. Unlike NWSH, most hospitals are either corporate- or community-owned and operated. This means that decisions at the uppermost level of the organization are removed from this essential relationship. Although all hospitals exist to care for patients, how healthcare services are provided at the basic doctor-patient level can be influenced by factors that have nothing to do with care, including financial considerations, community priorities, or even political interests. But when physicians who directly treat patients occupy the top of the decision structure, patient care is the priority.

At NWSH, our physicians have invested personally, professionally, and financially in your care. They have dedicated their lives to creating a hospital that allows them to practice on their terms and do what they believe is best for their patients without dealing with the complicated bureaucratic issues that can hamper a big-hospital system. Our physicians have the freedom and authority to run Northwest Specialty Hospital in a way that allows them to focus on what matters most: delivering excellent patient-centered care.


Cost-Effective Services and Competitive Pricing

As a physician-owned hospital, we emphasize efficiency. We have strong incentives to avoid wasteful spending, expensive administrative costs, unnecessary tests and services, and other factors that contribute to today’s increasing healthcare costs. We pass those cost savings on to our patients through rates that are generally more affordable than community hospitals. This means patients enjoy lower copays and coinsurance at Northwest Specialty Hospital.

Northwest Specialty Hospital was founded with the belief that everyone deserves excellent care at a reasonable price. Our hospital was created by doctors who share the vision of creating a special hospital where people of all incomes can experience healthcare the way it should be: individualized attention, clean, spacious rooms with modern amenities, and surgical procedures performed by an award-winning team of medical professionals.

We offer competitive rates in all our service lines, including family medicine, pediatrics, spinal care, internal medicine, imaging, occupational medicine, sleep center, and urgent care locations. An overwhelming majority of insurance providers cover our services, and you have access to a staff of payment specialists who can offer several credit options to help you find alternative ways to finance your medical bills.  


Ability to Make Quick Decisions

In traditional hospitals, decision-making often involves navigating multiple layers of management, resulting in delays and inefficiencies. However, physician-owned hospitals like Northwest Specialty Hospital maintain a lean and agile management structure, enabling quick decision-making. When it comes to implementing cutting-edge treatments, new medical technologies, and innovative and best practices, NWSH can quickly adapt because physicians make the call on whatever investments will deliver better patient care. Because of this, NWSH is able to stay current with advancements in medical care, which translates directly into more effective care for our patients.


Unparalleled Hospital Care

At Northwest Specialty Hospital, patient care comes first. Our hospital has one of the highest nurse-to-patient ratios in the area. We fully staff a team of friendly and attentive medical professionals to give you the time and attention you deserve. Whether you have questions about your medications or want to order something off our gourmet menu, our personalized care means someone is available to help you. 

Preventing infections is also an essential component of hospital care. Healthcare-associated infection can result in extended hospital stays, long-term disability, increased antibiotic resistance, and an additional financial burden. Infections are the most frequent adverse event in healthcare delivery worldwide: according to the World Health Organization, 7 out of every 100 patients in developed countries contract a healthcare-associated infection. At Northwest Specialty Hospital, our infection rate is 1 out of every 200 patients – 13 times better than the national average. When you choose Northwest Specialty Hospital for yourself or a loved one, you will know that your care is in good hands.


Experience the NWSH Difference

Patients benefit from having physician-owners directly involved in the decision-making process. Unlike corporate executives who may prioritize cost-effectiveness over patient care, physicians advocate for whatever will improve their ability to deliver effective patient care. Whether the decision involves staffing, capital improvements, facilities, or other critical areas, the primary focus is always what will best nurture the doctor-patient relationship.


A healthcare facility’s ownership and management structure play a vital role in shaping the patient experience. A physician-owned and -operated hospital like Northwest Specialty Hospital offers distinct advantages that directly benefit patients in multiple ways. Come experience for yourself the excellent care we have to offer.  Schedule your next medical appointment at Northwest Specialty Hospital today.

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