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Northwest Specialty Hospital and its family of physician-owned clinics in North Idaho provide comprehensive healthcare services to residents in the region. But alongside operating our own business, we also support many local organizations whose aim is improving the lives of the residents in the area. One organization we support is the Post Falls Food Bank.


Understanding the Mission of Post Falls Food Bank

A food bank serves as a lifeline for individuals and families facing food insecurity, either temporarily or chronically. It provides food without cost to residents facing financial difficulties to ensure that they have nutritious and plentiful food. The Post Falls Food Bank goes beyond many traditional models of a food bank in pursuing its ambitious vision of eliminating hunger and poverty in Kootenai County. 


Residents from Post Falls, Stateline, Hauser Lake, and Rathdrum living at or below 200% of the federal poverty guidelines can shop weekly at the Food Bank’s 3rd Avenue Market. In addition to the goals of eradicating hunger and food insecurity due to poverty, the Post Falls Food Bank prioritizes nutrition for its registered members. The market operates six days a week, offering fresh produce, dairy, and meat products. The Food Bank also offers nutrition classes at no cost to registered members. 


One distinguishing feature of Post Falls Food Bank is its unique approach to food distribution. Instead of simply providing pre-packaged food boxes, patrons receive credits based on their needs. This empowers them to shop within the food bank like a store, selecting items that align with their preferences and dietary needs. The emphasis on offering a selection of healthy foods, provided without any cost in credits, underscores the Food Bank’s commitment to promoting well-being.


The food bank is a registered charity supported by many individuals and companies in the area, including NWSH. In addition to accepting monetary and food donations, the Food Bank has a Rescue Program that “rescues” items nearing their expiration date from local grocery stores. The food bank collects and processes over a million pounds of food annually through this program.


Besides its 3rd Avenue Market, the Food Bank extends its impact through the Food Share Program, distributing excess food to various agencies, including senior centers, ministries, soup kitchens, warming shelters, and more. Its Weekend Backpack Program collaborates with the Post Falls School District to provide weekend food to 150 at-risk students. During the holidays, the food bank ensures guests receive a turkey or ham as well as other ingredients for a festive meal. 


Recognizing broader needs beyond food insecurity for those struggling with financial setbacks, a Resource Specialist with the food bank is available to help members navigate social services in Kootenai County. In addition, food bank patrons are encouraged to actively participate in the Food Bank’s operation and contribute to its success. By engaging in the process, individuals not only receive sustenance but also gain knowledge and skills. This holistic approach aims to uplift patrons and help them escape the cycle of poverty.


NWSH: Join Us in Making a Difference

The commitment of NWSH to the Post Falls Food Bank is rooted in a shared vision for a healthier, hunger-free community. As a healthcare company, NWSH’s support of the food bank underscores the intrinsic link between nutrition and overall well-being.


The Post Falls Food Bank’s work with other local organizations, both charitable and for-profit, is an effort to harness the transformative power of collaboration to bring about good and to build a robust and prosperous community. NWSH proudly stands alongside Post Falls Food Bank, reinforcing the belief that supporting each other will pave the way for a brighter and healthier future. To support the Post Falls Food Bank, please visit their website to learn how you can help. Your contributions, whether through donations or volunteerism, play a crucial role in building a healthier, more resilient community.

For other healthcare needs, we invite you to reach out to Northwest Specialty Hospital. Together, we can make a lasting impact on the well-being of all our neighbors in Kootenai County.

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