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If you live in North Idaho, you know the communities here are pretty close-knit. Although the region has expanded tremendously in the last decade, the towns here still have a small-town ethos. Despite the rugged, independent spirit that is a hallmark of the people in this part of the country, you can be pretty sure that your neighbor is also ready to lend a helping hand whenever and wherever it is needed.

As a local organization, Northwest Specialty Hospital (NWSH) and its family of healthcare clinics and providers endeavor to embody this spirit of generosity and strive to be good corporate citizens in taking actions that promote the well-being of the community. NWSH’s involvement in supporting various charitable causes encompasses several organizations, and one notable collaboration is its support of The Salvation Army.


Promoting Good Year-Round

For over a century, The Salvation Army has embodied its fundamental ethos: “Sharing is Caring.” This is most noticeable every Christmas season with its iconic red kettle campaign. Initiated by Salvation Army Captain Joseph McFee in 1891, it remains a symbol of communal generosity during the holidays. Captain McFee’s initial efforts began a tradition that now spans nationwide. This campaign not only provides Christmas dinners for people in need but also serves as a lifeline for over 30 million individuals throughout the year.

The festive red kettles you see at Christmas time at shopping centers and outside grocery stores are just the starting point for The Salvation Army’s multifaceted services. The donations poured into these kettles – whether dimes or dollars – fund many benefits, including religious services, disaster response, social services that provide essentials like food and shelter, casework and counseling, youth programs, senior centers, Christmas programs, human and sexual trafficking advocacy, veterans services, and prison services. The Salvation Army is dedicated to uplifting communities, offering support and care to whoever is in need.


NWSH: Supporting the Kettle Drive

NWSH’s commitment to community welfare has found a meaningful outlet through its active participation in The Salvation Army’s Kettle Drive. Last year, NWSH emerged as the region’s top-earning volunteer group in the region, collecting donations at sites in Post Falls, Coeur d’Alene, Hude, Athol, and Rathdrum. The collective efforts of NWSH volunteers resulted in an impressive $14,532.19 donation to The Salvation Army, a testament to the generosity and community spirit that thrives in North Idaho.

The impact of this collaboration is not just the dollar amount. The worthwhile services that The Salvation Army provides throughout the year support all the work that The Salvation Army provides to the local community, and NWSH is proud to be an integral part of the larger effort to be an agent for positive change that uplifts the lives of those who are less fortunate. The spirit of giving and compassion permeating NWSH’s culture aligns seamlessly with The Salvation Army’s mission, reinforcing the healthcare provider’s dedication to the well-being of North Idaho.

As the holiday season approaches, NWSH encourages the local community to support The Salvation Army. Every donation, whether big or small, contributes to the organization’s vast array of services that touch the lives of our neighbors in the community. This year, NWSH is confident that the community’s generosity will continue to shine brightly, allowing The Salvation Army to bring joy, warmth, and essential services to those who need them the most.

The partnership between NWSH and The Salvation Army exemplifies the power of collective giving and community engagement. As the holiday season unfolds, let us all embrace the spirit of giving that should animate us not only at Christmas but year-round. Give generously if you can, and if you need healthcare services, we welcome you to contact NWSH.

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