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Athol, Idaho, witnessed the opening of Northwest Urgent Care in March of this year, providing much-needed local healthcare services to residents of Athol and the surrounding communities. The establishment of Northwest Urgent Care in Athol marks an exciting milestone for the region. 

This is the first healthcare facility of its kind in Athol, necessitated by the rapid growth and development the area has experienced in recent years. The presence of Northwest Urgent Care here testifies to the increasing demand for quality medical services in northern Kootenai County.

The state-of-the-art facility at Athol Crossing near the Super 1 Foods store on 7173 E Super 1 Loop spans a generous 8,000 square feet. This ample space allows Northwest Urgent Care to accommodate a wide range of medical services to meet diverse healthcare needs in the area.

To those unfamiliar with urgent care services, they bridge a critical gap for those needing quality healthcare. Often, people find themselves in need of prompt medical attention. Still, their condition does not warrant a full-fledged emergency room visit. At the same time, their conditions are such that they cannot wait for a regular doctor’s appointment. These situations can be distressing, and that is where urgent care can provide relief. Urgent care facilities allow people to see a healthcare professional on the same day. 

Available Urgent Care Services

When you visit Northwest Urgent Care in Athol, you’ll benefit from a comprehensive range of urgent care services, including but not limited to treatment for:

Minor Injuries: Trips and falls, cuts, burns, head bumps, stomach pain, and other minor injuries do not always call for ER visits, but they should not be ignored, either. Urgent care providers can give you needed medical attention and, if necessary, refer you for additional medical services if they determine that your injury requires more in-depth treatment than urgent care can provide.

Illnesses and Allergic Reactions: Minor infections, illnesses, or allergic reactions like rashes, swollen insect bites, and other responses to allergens can be assessed and treated by our skilled medical team.

Sports Injuries: Sprains, minor fractures, and strains are common in sports. Many of these injuries are painful and can be partially debilitating. Still, they are not severe enough to require an ER visit. Urgent care providers can assess the injury, order any necessary imaging tests, and diagnose the problem so that you understand the nature of the injury and can get on the road to recovery right away. You can get the professional advice and assistance you need when in pain.

Physical Examinations: If you need a sports physical, Northwest Urgent Care covers this service for a fixed fee. You can have your paperwork filled out quickly and conveniently without the high cost of your physician’s visit. 

Northwest Urgent Care: Your Healthcare Partner

At Northwest Urgent Care, we understand the importance of efficient healthcare services, especially during times of urgency. Our team is committed to ensuring you receive the care you need promptly without compromising quality. As a part of Northwest Specialty Hospital, we strive to maintain the same high standards that have earned our affiliate hospital its well-deserved five-star rating for patient satisfaction.

Our caring professionals are ready to treat your condition. At Northwest Urgent Care, you don’t need an appointment to receive timely medical attention. Our doors are open seven days a week, from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm on weekdays and until 4:00 pm on weekends. Our team is ready, and we can’t wait to serve you and your family’s healthcare needs with the compassion and expertise you deserve. You can simply walk into our facility to be seen by a provider. If it is busy, you can avoid some of the wait time by “getting in line” online. Experience healthcare excellence right here in Athol. 

The next time you or a family member requires urgent medical attention in Athol or the surrounding communities, think of Northwest Urgent Care. Northwest Urgent Care is part of the Northwest Specialty Hospital healthcare network, your source for convenient, compassionate, and quality healthcare. 

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