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For over 50 years, the Innovia Foundation has been at the forefront of philanthropy, partnering with individuals and organizations to address multifaceted challenges and opportunities in Eastern Washington and North Idaho. Supported by Northwest Specialty Hospital (NWSH), the Innovia Foundation embodies the values of collaboration, inclusivity, and innovation to create lasting impact.

With assets totaling $200 million and a remarkable $124 million granted in scholarships and support since its inception in 1974, the Innovia Foundation’s mission to ignite generosity resonates deeply with its vision of vibrant and sustainable communities where every individual can thrive. This vision is not merely a lofty aspiration but a driving force behind every initiative and grant the foundation undertakes.

One of the cornerstones of the Innovia Foundation’s approach is its commitment to collaboration. Recognizing that no single entity can address all community needs alone, the foundation actively seeks partnerships with other organizations based on mutual interests. This collaborative spirit with partner organizations extends Innovia’s reach to five broad impact areas: arts and culture, economic opportunity, education and youth development, health and well-being, and quality of life. The Innovia Foundation’s commitment to the communities of this region and to education and youth development is one of the reasons NWSH is proud to support it.

In the field of healthcare and well-being, NWSH’s support of Innovia is particularly significant. As a provider of healthcare services to residents of North Idaho and Eastern Washington, NWSH plays a vital role in promoting community wellness. By supporting the efforts of the Innovia Foundation, NWSH extends its impact beyond the confines of its clinics and hospital by contributing to initiatives that address social determinants of health that enhance the overall well-being of the region’s residents.

The CEO of NWSH, Rick Rasmussen, has been active in the Innovia Foundation for several years and currently serves as its Board Chairman. This role further strengthens the partnership between NWSH and Innovia, fostering collaboration and cooperation between the two organizations. 

Innovation lies at the core of the Innovia Foundation’s ethos. By constantly seeking new approaches, perspectives, and ideas, the foundation remains agile and responsive to evolving community needs. Whether supporting regional artists, catalyzing economic innovation, or promoting youth development, the foundation remains at the forefront of positive change.

The Innovia Foundation is a remarkable example of the power of philanthropy to drive meaningful impact and positive change when undertaken at a local level. Through its collaborative, inclusive, and innovative approach, the foundation is working to empower communities across Eastern Washington and North Idaho to thrive and prosper. Supported by partners like NWSH and many other local organizations and foundations, the Innovia Foundation continues to be a catalyst for transformation. It promises to leave a lasting legacy for generations to come.

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