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Northwest Imaging, a division within the Northwest Specialty Hospital family of clinics, is excited to announce the imminent arrival of the latest advancement in MRI technology: the OASIS Velocity High-Field Open MRI by Fujifilm. This revolutionary machine is set to transform the imaging experience for our patients, providing a comfortable and reassuring environment while enhancing diagnostic accuracy. NWSH will be housing the new MRI in a new space designed specifically for this device.

With the coming of this new Open MRI platform, gone will be the days of feeling trapped inside a closed MRI scanner. The OASIS Velocity uses a unique table technology, allowing patients to move laterally within the scanner and eliminating the need to assume uncomfortable “Superman” positions for extended periods. This innovation not only simplifies patient positioning for our technologists but also ensures a more pleasant experience for our patients, particularly those who struggle with claustrophobia.

This new system will also significantly improve scan times and image quality, especially around T-spine images (images of the thoracic or middle part of the spine). The Velocity’s patient-centric design prioritizes operator convenience and diagnostic performance, making it ideal for a wide range of imaging applications.

At Northwest Imaging, we understand nobody looks forward to an MRI. However, with the OASIS Velocity, we aim to make the experience as pleasant as possible. The open-sided design and fast exams maximize patient comfort, while additional features such as integrated lighting, a wide table, and SoftSound™ gradient technology further enhance the patient experience.

For bariatric patients, the Velocity’s high weight capacity and wide patient table ensure comfort and stability during scans, accommodating diverse patient populations without compromise. Similarly, for pediatric and senior patients, the open architecture of the Velocity provides reassurance and ease of access. It even allows a caregiver to be by their side throughout the procedure to give reassurance and relieve anxiety for a nervous patient.

Image quality is always paramount in diagnostic imaging, and the OASIS Velocity excels in that area as well. The Velocity delivers outstanding images, short exam times, and ease of use benefits. Its robust clinical capability ensures versatility and reliability and will be a valuable asset to our patients for years to come.

At Northwest Imaging, our mission is to provide the highest quality of care to the North Idaho patients who trust us with their healthcare. With the introduction of the OASIS Velocity High-Field Open MRI soon, we are thrilled that we will be able to offer a more comfortable and patient-friendly imaging experience without compromising on diagnostic accuracy. Stay tuned for updates on when the Velocity will be available for your next MRI appointment, and experience the future of imaging technology firsthand at Northwest Imaging.

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