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Healthcare seems like it should be a very straightforward proposition: when you are unwell, you make an appointment with your doctor. Your doctor listens to your concerns, makes a diagnosis, and recommends or prescribes an appropriate care regimen that can cure or treat your ailment. You then go on your way until your next check-up or the next time you get hurt or feel bad. In most cases, you prefer to see the same doctor every time to build a relationship and a history with someone you know and trust.

That is what often happens at the doctor-patient level. However, when it comes to larger health organizations, patients can often feel like they have been lost in the shuffle. When dealing with multiple doctors and specialties – labs, imaging, urgent care, therapy, hospitals, etc. – patients can feel that healthcare is disconnected and impersonal. They get the sense that the system treats them as just another physical body.

Our modern healthcare system tends to operate in a compartmentalized way, and it makes sense to run it this way for efficiency and effectiveness. When healthcare providers specialize – whether in pediatrics, radiology, physical therapy, spine care, pulmonology, etc. – and when doctors don’t need to spend their limited time taking blood pressure or engaging in chit-chat – the level of medical care can be improved, and the number of patients helped can increase. Healthcare providers can dedicate their time and attention to their area of expertise and gain even greater expertise in that field so that they can provide even better patient care.

However, there is an inherent tension in this system. From the patient’s viewpoint, the absence of a personal connection means some things can be missed. When a care provider is too focused on an injured knee, congested lungs, or a skin rash, a patient’s overall health and well-being can seem like an afterthought.

At Northwest Specialty Hospital, we take a different approach to patient care. While we operate our facilities to be efficient and responsive, we always remember that our primary focus is the doctor-patient relationship. 

As one of few physician-owned and operated healthcare organizations in the country, our mission is conscientiously and purposefully focused on keeping our patients at the forefront. Our success in keeping this focus has been acknowledged by the many accolades we have received, particularly in the realm of patient satisfaction. For example, Northwest Specialty Hospital has repeatedly earned a 5-star rating from CMS (Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services ), a rating earned by less than 10% of hospitals in the nation.


Living Up to Our Values

At Northwest Specialty Hospital, we firmly believe that our core values are the reason for our success. We uphold the principles of professionalism, excellence, and integrity in how we administer patient care and treat our employees. By fostering an environment where respect and compassion thrive for all concerned, we are able to make each patient’s experience at our hospital and clinics characterized by professionalism, compassion, and care.

Our commitment to putting patients first is not just a slogan; we know that concrete actions must back up intentions. We have the highest nurse-to-patient ratios in the area, ensuring our patients receive the time and attention they deserve. Our hospital has an exceedingly low infection rate – thirteen times lower than the national average. With only 32 beds in our hospital, you won’t be just a number, but you will get the care and attention you need to recover. On top of that, you can expect gourmet cuisine during your hospital stay!

From our beginning as a specialty hospital, Northwest Specialty Hospital now encompasses numerous auxiliary healthcare services, including our Axis Spine Center, urgent care, family medicine, the Northwest Institute for Digestive Surgery, imaging, pediatrics, women’s care, and other services. 

Northwest Specialty Hospital consistently receives top awards for patient experience, which directly results from our commitment to values, mission, and excellence in patient care. We are proud of this recognition, but we are still prouder of the trust and confidence our patients place in us daily. 

When it comes to healthcare, we know you have many choices in the inland northwest. We welcome you to experience the difference that patient-centered care makes at Northwest Specialty Hospital. To review our services, visit our website or contact Northwest Specialty Hospital today.

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