At Northwest we design health care around you. Amazing care, gourmet food and competitive pricing. Healthcare designed around you. The way it should be.

We were built on a simple principle, offering award-winning care at competitive prices. Northwest Specialty Hospital is one of a select few hospitals in the nation that are privately owned and operated by local physicians. That gives our owners, surgeons from your community, whom you entrust with your life in the operating room with the ability to make decisions that will ensure the best outcomes for you.

Our award-winning team continuously ranks in the top 10% of the nation for patient satisfaction. The secret to our success is simple, we offer amazing care. We do that by selectively hiring a team of clinical workers who are as compassionate as they are skilled and pairing them with a team of exceptional surgeons offering state-of-the-art technology. We also offer a growing number of award-winning primary care services as well.

As a surgical specialty hospital all of our surgical services are elective, or non –emergency related surgical procedures, that means we can carefully screen our patients in advance to make sure that they are healthy enough for surgery. If not we re-schedule. This helps dramatically reduce our infection rate and your risk of being exposed to a hospital acquired infection. We have also added state of the art robotic disinfection technology that has been shown in multiple studies to further reduce your risk.

For us though, creating an amazing surgical experience wasn’t enough. We wanted to offer something more. So we brought in a five-star chef to serve our patients gourmet meals like fillet mignon with crème brûlée or just a simple burger with fries and a milkshake. It is an extension of the love and attention that we put into every aspect of our care.

You might be thinking that would make us one of the most expensive and exclusive places in the country. But we aren’t. In fact we are so competitively priced that it is fairly common for us to see patients travel from across the country just to visit to Northwest Specialty Hospital for our pricing and amazing care, which also helps us contract with the vast majority of insurance companies.

If you need care we sincerely hope that you will choose us. All you have to do is ask your primary care provider to refer you to any one of our amazing surgeons for your care. To find your surgeon please click on the service you need from the list below.